Studio Legale Rosauer has reached an agreement with LG Consulting S.r.l., an organization providing advice and assistance in the sector of corporate taxes, reports to Labour Authorities and payments concerning employees. An activity that LG carries out particularly for branches or subsidiaries of multinationals.

LG CONSULTINGGiven the complementary nature of their respective areas of work, Studio Legale Rosauer and LG Consulting have been frequently cooperating in the past in assisting foreign entities; thanks to the agreement reached, from now on the collaboration between the two organizations is going to be carried out in a stable form, allowing them to join forces and work more closely together, substantially doubling their respective size .

Whenever circumstances will so require, clients will thus benefit from the services rendered in synergy by a greater task force composed of professionals who are able to immediately interact among them and cover such issues in both law and tax fields, as may particularly be of concern to companies.