Studio Legale Rosauer

Our philosophy: Based on the prior experience of the founder as a member of a prestigious law firm especially active in the international arena, the activity of Studio Legale Rosauer hinges upon two basic principles: one, of a general nature, is that proper legal work has to be supported by an adequate organisation; the other, pertaining more specifically to cross-border matters, is that even before considering the diverse legal systems involved in any given instance, the mission of international lawyers is that of creating a bridge between different cultures and mentalities, so as to facilitate the comparison and understanding of applicable rules.

Though growing throughout the years, the firm has purposely been kept limited in size, consistently with its philosophy to maintain direct control of the files by the relevant members in charge along with close relationships with clients.

Put it simply, Studio Legale Rosauer endeavours to perform its activity providing clients with qualified legal assistance in compliance with rigorous professional ethics, with the additional feature of a personal touch: something that most clients show to appreciate.

The work performed for Companies, which constitute a major share of the firm’s activity, as well as the constraint of deadlines in law suits, have taught that time may really be of essence. Within this optic, Studio Legale Rosauer takes therefore great care in being promptly responsive to clients, although matters are examined very thoroughly – normally, jointly by more lawyers within the firm – also on the basis of precedents accessible through the electronic means available.

Our firm is also well aware that dealing with problems from our clients may often call for specific expertise in particular fields and/or the co-operation with colleagues located in other areas of Italy or, considering the globalization of economy, in other countries.

In order to meet these requirements, Studio Legale Rosauer has reached an agreement with LG Consulting S.r.l., a company providing assistance in the field of corporate taxes, reports to Labour Authorities and payments concerning employees; as to the second requirement, our firm is founding member of UNILEX, an association of Italian law firms located in various cities; at international level, it has established since the beginning of its activity various contacts with law firms around the world.