The firm, founded in 1976, and subsequently organized as a professional association, is purposely limited in size to keep a closer personal relationship with customers and a more direct control of the issues involved.

Studio Legale Rosauer


Administrative Law, Arbitration, Corporate Law, Electronic Commerce Law, Show Business Law, Environmental Law, Italian and European Union Antitrust Law, General Civil Law and International Commercial Law, Health Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Family Law, Litigation, Mediation, Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate Law.

As part of the general support given to Clients, the firm is frequently called upon to perform activities in different sectors and more extensive than those mentioned above. Whenever a particular expertise in specialized areas (eg tax law), the firm collaborates with external consultants.

Clients generally consists of Companies (in majority foreign or belonging to foreign groups), which carry out their activities in various economic sectors.